A Guide to a Clean Car: The DO’s of Washing Your Car

A Guide to a Clean Car: The DO’s of Washing Your Car


Giving a Proper Wash

When you own a car, be prepared to wash it regularly. When the time comes to clean your car, here are some good practices or things to do to ensure it is properly cleaned.

Do Remove Droppings/Bugs

Before any water touches your car, it’s a good idea to remove bird droppings and dead bugs. This allows you to clean your car more effectively and not cause any smears.

Do Start at the Top

Similar to taking a bath, start washing your car from the top and make your way downwards. This allows the dirt and soap suds to run to the lower areas, eliminating additional work to re-wash.

Do Use Proper Sponge/Towel

It’s important to use a clean sponge, preferably one that isn’t used for other purposes. Also, use a microfiber towel to dry the car to avoid scratches or leaving behind particles.

Follow these tips when cleaning your car; however, if you prefer to have your car washed by professionals, visit Go Green Auto Spa.

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