More Than a Pretty Face: Car Cleaning Benefits

More Than a Pretty Face: Car Cleaning Benefits



To Clean Or Not To Clean

With water amounts hitting dire levels here in California, many residents have taken to avoiding washing their car altogether. In the interest of conserving what little water we have left, this measure is seen as drastic by some, and necessary by others. For car lovers, going too long without a car wash is blasphemy – the dust, grime, dirt, and buildup obfuscate the ability to truly appreciate the beauty of the vehicle. A dirty car may indicate your willingness to help the environment, and go the extra mile to protect water levels in the state, but not washing your vehicle can be very deleterious.

Barely Scratching the Surface

A clean car is more than just a statement about your wealth or your status; a clean car indicates that you care for your possessions, and value them enough to do what it takes to extend your usage of them. When you clean your car you help make it safer to drive, and therefore you also help other drivers. A dirty vehicle has lower visibility, which leads to more blind spots.

The Intangible Benefits

When you get your car washed at a professional car wash, you get more than just a fresh vehicle to cruise around town in. You acquire a peace of mind, a serenity of knowing your car is freshly vacuumed, the inside is smelling nice, and your interior free of clutter. A clean car lowers your stress levels, and in turn, your blood pressure – resulting in better overall health.

Auto Spa Thousand Oaks

Whether your vehicle is long overdue for a good scrubbing, or you simply want to impress your date for a Saturday night out, the car cleaning experts at Go Green Auto Spa can help. We are located all over Southern California, including San Diego, Glendale, Santa Ana and Sherman Oaks. Stop by for a basic cleaning or discover one of our more deluxe packages that feature services such a shampooed floor mats and car wax!

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