Class Up Your Next Event With Valet Service

Class Up Your Next Event With Valet Service


Valet Services San Fernando Valley

With wedding season right around the corner, and the weather giving us a hint of the warm summer to come, we thought it was about time we publicize the other element of our business. In addition to our in-depth cleaning services here at Go Green Auto Spa, we also provide male and female valet parking attendants for private events! Picture your guests arriving at your next gala or private party, pulling up in front, and walking straight into a night full of fun without worrying about their car. Valet services give you exactly that – a touch of class and elegance that sends the right message to your guests.

Banquets, Galas, Concerts and more!

There truly is something special about being able to waltz through the front doors immediately after you step out of your car. Female guests can appreciate the reduced amount of walking on heels, and an easier path to get in, and all guests will enjoy the ease of arriving and leaving the event.

Experienced, Trusted Drivers

All of the drivers we employ here at Go Green Auto Spa are well-experienced and prepared to handle any type of vehicle with care. Each of them undergo rigorous testing to ensure that only the best drivers are used. When your guests arrive at your event, you want to create a safe environment as they pull up, and our valet parking attendants will do just that. Whether you are hosting a big family dinner, throwing a fundraiser, or making plans for a wedding reception, we at Go Green Auto Spa can offer you safe, reliable drivers that will make sure all of your guests arrive and depart your event with ease. Give us a call today at 606-776-0331 for a free valet parking quote for your next event!

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