How to Clean Your Car and Cut Back on Wasting Water

How to Clean Your Car and Cut Back on Wasting Water


Not Much Water Needed

Car owners need to give their car a wash every now and again. But did you know a car can be washed without wasting water? Here’s how that’s possible.

Pressure Wash It

A pressure washer utilizes very little water but is powerful enough to clean your car. If a car owner can get their hand on one, they should consider using it the next time they wash their car.

Turn Hose Off

If a person doesn’t have access to a pressure washer, a hose will do. However, don’t leave the hose running; turn it off when not in use or fill buckets to eliminate the use of the hose.

Spa It

Car owners can take their car to an auto spa to have it clean. Car washes have begun using spa techniques to clean cars while using less than a gallon of water.

Go Green Auto Spa is an auto spa that can clean your car for you. Get your car cleaned thoroughly with as little water as possible.

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