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New at Century City

Go Green is proud to announce our newest service Air & Go. For $5.99 we will check your car’s tire pressure and fill it to the manufacture’s recommended amount.


What is tire pressure? 

Tire pressure is a measure of the amount of air in a vehicle’s tires, in pounds per square inch. The required service involves checking the tires’ pressure with a pressure gauge, at least monthly, if not more frequently.


What happens if your tire pressure is too high? 

If tire pressure is too high, then less of the tire touches the ground. As a consequence, your car will bounce around on the road. And when your tires are bouncing instead of firmly planted on the road, traction suffers and so do your stopping distances. You’ll also feel a decrease in ride comfort.


What happens if your tire pressure is too high? 

If tire pressure is too low, then too much of the tire’s surface area touches the ground, which increases friction between the road and the tire. As a result, not only will your tires wear prematurely, but they also could overheat. Overheating can lead to tread separation.


Other Tire Facts

  1. For every 6 PSI, a car’s tires are under-inflated, the vehicle can experience a loss of 304% in MPG (Miles Per Gallon).

  2. On a monthly average, a car’s tire loses between 1 and 2 pounds of air pressure. This average is higher in the winter and lowers in the summer.

  3. Low tire pressure also builds up the heat in the tire which decreases the lifespan of the tire.

  4. According to the NHTSA, approximately 20% of gas station tire inflation stations’ gauges are off by over 4 PSI.

Full TIre DIagnostics Coming SOon.


We are excited to announce that Go Green Auto Spa is partnering up with new companies to bring you even better service. Soon, every time you visit one of our locations, you will be able to get a thorough Tire Profile.