We believe the phrase “Welcome to Go Green Auto Spa” should apply to our employees just as much as our customers. We are just as proud of the jobs we create as we are of the high-class services we provide.

All employees undergo constant training in sales, quality control, and management to ensure that Go Green Auto Spa remains the most efficient and respected car wash in the industry. By doing so, we are able to create flexible scheduling, more opportunities for advancement in the company, and the ability to educate employees and customers about the importance of using an eco-friendly service.

The Go Green Family

Even our President, District Managers, and Auto Spa Managers had to start somewhere. And, for all them, it was washing cars at Go Green Auto Spa. We are proud of the many people that have stuck with us since the beginning and are excited to find new members to join our family in the Go Green REVOLUTION!

  • Experience with a fast-growing, eco-friendly company
  • Part time and full time with tips and commission

We Care About Your Success!

Our training and development program focuses on teaching you the skills and processes that have helped many of our employees grow into various management roles throughout the company.

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