Go Green is the fast and convenient way to keep your car shining all the time. It’s everything you love about getting your car washed in a simple, easy to use plan. As a member, you will enjoy all the benefits of washing as often as you like, no long term contract, and convenient monthly billing.

Go green auto spa pricing

Below is a list of our current detail packages. Every package includes a complete vacuum, an exterior wash done 100% by hand and uses less than a 1/4 gallon of water!

So, the only question is

How Clean do you want it?


There is nothing mini about our Mini-Detail. Your car receives a 100% hand wash, interior vacuum and wipe down of dash and console, all interior/exterior windows cleaned, and wheels and tire dressing.


When your car needs a little more T.LC. With our DELUXE DETAIL your car receives a 100% hand wash, interior vacuum, complete interior cleaning and your choice between a hand rubbed wax or your floor mats shampooed.


Our ULTIMATE DETAIL will have your car back to looking new again. We include a 100% hand wash, Vacuum, interior carpet shampoo, leather and vinyl conditioning, clean dash & vents and a hand rubbed carnuba wax. Your car will thank you.


Our Go GREEN DETAIL service will have you thinking you just drove off the showroom floor. We include everything in our Ultimate Detail and throw in a complete Clay Bar treatment which removes all surface contaminants and your car’s paint will feel as smooth as it did the day you got it.


Headlight restoration

If your headlights look discolored or dull revive your aged headlights with our Headlight restoration. Your lenses will receive a machine Polish with HD cut, finished with an HD Poxy seal. 


pet hair removal

We care for your pet just as much as you. With our pet hair removal, your car will receive a 100% hand wash, windows, armor all, vacuum, full wipe down of dashboard, middle counsel, side panels, cup holders, and trunk space. Eliminating all hair-leaving your interior like new and smelling fresh.

hd touch.png

water spot treatment

water spots can be easily noticed and also cause sever damage to your paints clear coat by etching into the clear coat. With our water spot treatment your car will receive a 100% hand wash, vacuum, interior wipe down, water spot treatment on body and windows, finished with a HD poxy machine Polish. 


Final Touch / HD Touch

Our HD Final Touch package will leave your car having a mirror finish. Your car will receive a 100% hand wash, thorough interior wipe down, Machine Polish followed by either, Final Touch or HD touch depending on the contrast of your vehicle. 


HD Nitro Seal

HD Nitro seal will make your car look even newer than when you purchased it. The Interior on your vehicle will receive our full interior, carpets shampooed and designed. Your Exterior will receive a 100% hand wash, alcohol wipe down then our revolutionary two part paint protection sealant lasting up to 12 months 


Membership Cancellation

Go Green Auto Spa memberships with recurring dues may be cancelled at any time. Members may cancel by emailing this PDF cancellation form to